The Drs. Diet: Meat & Eggs Are Slimming?

Happy Healthy Vegan
Happy Healthy Vegan
18 Jul 2020

Ryan reviews the Doctor's Diet book. Animal protein, they claim, is great for losing weight. We should eat plenty of it: 30% of our calories should come from protein since protein, they say, stops us from eating "too much" food. One of the doctors even goes as far to say that she would be obese if she were not to include lots of meat in her diet.

Can this be true? Do meat eaters actually have slimmer waist lines than those of vegans? And is it even safe to eat such vast quantities of animal protein day in day out? With the help of Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Gregor of, Ryan uncovers the truth about animals protein, weight loss, and mortality.

Delicious high carb recipes. Health gurus & myths exposed. Weight loss. Let us inspire your healthy lifestyle journey with food, fun, and fitness. Look forward to two to four new episodes a week from these fit 40 somethings! video about meat consumption and weight gain: video about uprooting the leading causes of death: video about eggs:

Dr. Barnard on the Doctors:

The Doctors Debate PETA:

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