Preventing Parkinson's Disease With Diet

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27 Jun 2020

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DESCRIPTION: Low levels of neurotoxic chemicals in cheese may explain the connection between dairy product consumption and Parkinson's disease. Here's the link to that video documenting the levels of PCBs in the bodies of those eating plant-based diets: Industrial Pollutants in Vegans ( If this bit sounds familiar, it's because I featured it in my 2012 year in review Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death ( I also touch on Parkinson's in Risk Associated With Iron Supplements ( Avoiding Other Banned Pesticides ( and Industrial Carcinogens in Animal Fat (

Avoiding dairy may have other benefits. See, for example:
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Or any of my other 73 videos on dairy (

What if it's too late and you or a friend or family member already have Parkinson's? Treating Parkinson's Disease With Diet ( is coming up next!

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