Norovirus Food Poisoning from Pesticides

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04 Apr 2021

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DESCRIPTION: Organic produce may present less of a food safety risk, given the potential contamination of pesticides with fecal pathogens.

When you hear of people getting infected with a stomach bug like E. coli from something like spinach, it's important to realize that the pathogen didn't originate from the spinach. Intestinal bugs come from intestines. Greens don't have guts; plants don't poop.

So the Salmonella in alfalfa sprout seeds ( likely came from manure run-off or contaminated irrigation water. But this pesticide angle adds a whole new route for fecal pathogens to pollute produce. Broccoli Sprouts ( are safer, and organic sprouts may therefore be safer still.

Organic foods may also be healthier (see and don't carry the potential chemical hazards associated with pesticides. See my videos:

• CDC Report on Environmental Chemical Exposure (
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• Can Pesticides Be Rinsed Off? (
• Pesticides in Chinese Bamboo Shoots (
• Plants vs. Pesticides (

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Image Credit: tpmartins and Roger Smith via flickr, and the CDC.
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