Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of August 26

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28 Aug 2020

Live Q&A with Dr. Greger of

00:00 - intro
01:30 Are lectins really bad for you?
02:12 How much protein is too little?
02:38 Do you still recommend only USP verified supplements?
04:15 Can you overdose on nitric oxide boosting foods?
05:18 Your thoughts on the Bible's dietary guideline? Are animal products in themselves bad for humans?
06:16 Can you get high blood sugar if you eat a high carb and fruit diet since carbs turn to sugars in the body?
07:25 Where’s the treadmill?
07:45 Can diet heal and stop decline in emphysema? What foods would you recommend please?
08:43 What is the best diet to heal an undernourished body?
09:04 Thoughts on bioavailability differences between L-Arginine and Arginine Malate? Daily quantities?
09:18 What did you eat today?
10:06 Does pickled mustard seeds work as an enzyme for sulforaphane or is it lost because of acidity?
11:07 Is a little salt bad for you if you eat WFPB?
11:34 The SIBO series?
12:07 I want to make my own gels for running long distance. Will using date syrup give me the same benefits of commercial?
13:07 Can eczema be cured?
13:48 What are your thoughts on protein powder supplements?
15:05 Any studies on seedless fruits and veggies vs seeded ones?
16:34 Omega 3 Supplements are seriously expensive. What do you suggest for a family x5?
17:00 Is there any downsides for stool softeners?
17:25 Why are my serum B12 levels 3x the recommended upper limit?
18:05 You mention that sodium in miso is ok to have due to the effects of the soy – but all miso I find seems to have salt.
19:02 Do you have any studies on food and nerve issues?
19:41 Why have I become oat intolerant? I’m not gluten sensitive by the way.
20:18 Could you comment on maltodextrin in vitamin supplements like vitamin D?
20:28 Tingling in hands and feet 24/7 for 3 years all causes have been ruled out, feet are worse.
22:18 If trying to reduce cholesterol should I give up nuts?
22:44 Is mineral water a good source of calcium?
23:07 Do you know anything about depersonalization? Is there a treatment?
23:34 Do you recommend getting supplements of omega 3 algae to get enough DHA and EPA?
24:20 How to prepare for a successful VBA2C through diet?
25:30 Is eating chestnuts everyday healthy?
25:54 Is moringa leaf healthy?
26:45 Is there any science on food and improvement on mental illnesses?
27:25 Has a WFPB diet been shown to stop or even reverse osteoarthritis?

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