Is It the Diet, the Exercise, or Both?

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20 Dec 2020

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DESCRIPTION: Whose blood is better at killing cancer cells? People who eat a standard diet and exercise strenuously or those who eat a plant-based diet and just exercise moderately? This is the third of a 15 video series exploring this phenomenon, which I attempted to summarize in Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death ( Make sure to see yesterday's video-of-the-day ( which describes the experimental protocol in more detail. Even though diet appears more powerful than exercise in terms of rallying one's cancer defenses it doesn't mean we can't do both! In fact, eating certain plants can improve athletic performance—check out my video series that starts with Doping with Beet Juice ( and ends with So Should We Drink Beet Juice or Not? ( Exercise itself may be protective against breast cancer ( and be instrumental in Reversing Cognitive Decline ( If a healthy diet can slow down the abnormal growth of prostate cancer cells, how about the abnormal growth of normal prostate cells? Find out in tomorrow's video-of-the-day (

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Image Credit: and Linuxerist via Wikimedia Commons and PNNL – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory via Flickr. Images have been modified.
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