How to Prevent the Next Pandemic PLUS Dr. Greger's New Book

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08 Aug 2020

Preventing the next global pandemic: We need to reform the food system before it’s too late. This is the final video in my 17-part series on pandemics and COVID-19.

With my How Not to Diet book tour suspended, the COVID-19 crisis allowed me an opportunity to draw on my past expertise on emerging infectious disease to fast-track a new book on pandemic survival and prevention. How to Survive a Pandemic is now available as an e-book and audiobook, and physical copies will be out August 18.

As I said in the video, cell- and plant-based meats are not the healthiest options from a personal health standpoint in terms of chronic disease, but in terms of infectious disease, they present zero pandemic risk.

The whole series can be found in the playlist:

More information can be found on our COVID-19 Resource Page -

Note that I glossed over the details of exactly how animal agriculture contributes to pandemic risk. What you need is a comprehensive book with thousands of scientific citations! Check out my latest book How to Survive a Pandemic ( (note: all my proceeds from this book are donated to pandemic prevention charities).

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