Good Grub: The Healthiest Meat

NutritionFacts .org
NutritionFacts .org
13 Jan 2021

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DESCRIPTION: Of all animals, the bodies of insects may have the lowest saturated fat content. A pound a day of powdered worms? There are safer ( and cheaper ( sources of vitamin B12. What about arginine? Worms, whales, pork rinds and what else? See Fat Burning Via Arginine ( Sourcing protein from plants may still be preferable ( despite what the paleo diet folks assert ( That appears to be the direction the American space program is going ( What are the downsides to eating insects, though? That's the subject of tomorrow's video-of-the-day Bug Appétit: Barriers to Entomophagy (

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Image Credit: Steve Begin and the tαttσσed tentαcle via Flickr, and JENN.
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