eating DOUBLE the recommended SERVING SIZE for a day

Diana Malloy
Diana Malloy
22 Sep 2020

helloooo my loves! in this video, i ate double (2 times) the recommended serving size. you guys voted for this video on my instagram, so i really hope y'all enjoy it!!

music used in this video:

Music by Eric Reprid - June Blues -
Music by Axel Mansoor - Cold Sweat -
Music by Cassette Tapes - This Year -
Music by Mark Generous - Vanilla Peppermint -
Music by ninjoi. - Acceptance -
Music by Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate -
Music by Jonny Glenn - Don't Wanna Let You Down -

social media:

~ instagram: diana.hime
~ twitter: yeongshida
~ tiktok: dianamalloy

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