day in my life vlog: baking a cake, mental health talk, trying to be happy

Diana Malloy
Diana Malloy
22 Sep 2020

hello my loves :,) just a simple day in my life video where i did some baking and also opened up about some things that i've been trying to hide from you guys. i'm sorry i haven't seemed super happy lately, but i'm working on it. i love you guys so much

music in this video:

Imagination/SPYAIR [Music Box] (Haikyuu!! OP)
Music by Henyao - Isla Del Sol -
Music by frumhere, kevatta - warm feeling -
Music by Reggie San Miguel - Daydream -
Music by ninjoi. - Where Do I Go -
Music by ninjoi. - Acceptance -

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~ instagram: diana.hime
~ twitter: yeongshida
~ tiktok: dianamalloy

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