Citrus Peels and Cancer: Zest for Life?

NutritionFacts .org
NutritionFacts .org
18 Jul 2020

The reason eating citrus fruit appears to protect against cancer may be because of DNA repair enzyme boosting powers of a compound concentrated in the peel.

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That’s why my favorite citrus fruit is kumquat, because you can eat the peel and all!

For other foods that may keep our DNA intact, see my last video Which Fruits and Vegetables Boost DNA Repair? ( Kiwifruit (Kiwifruit and DNA Repair ( and broccoli (DNA Protection from Broccoli ( may also fit the bill.

More on citrus in Keeping Your Hands Warm With Citrus ( and Reducing Muscle Fatigue With Citrus (

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Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay.
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