Cancer, Interrupted: Green Tea

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24 Jun 2020

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DESCRIPTION: Using the cooked meat carcinogen PhIP to turn normal breast cells cancerous, researchers explore the use of green tea to interrupt this malignant transformation. What is this PHiP stuff? See the last four videos for some background:
· Estrogenic Cooked Meat Carcinogens (
· PhIP: The Three Strikes Breast Carcinogen (
· Reducing Cancer Risk In Meateaters (
· Heterocyclic Amines in Eggs, Cheese, and Creatine? (

Any other feats green tea can pull off? See Treating Genital Warts With Green Tea ( and Treating Gorlin Syndrome With Green Tea (

Might white tea work even better? See Antimutagenic Activity of Green Versus White Tea (

Any other plants that might be able to smack on the cancer kibosh? (I mean besides broccoli, so for example: and Stay tuned for my next video Cancer, Interrupted: Garlic & Flavonoids (

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Image Credit: たね via Wikimedia, and Annie Cavanagh via Wellcome Images.
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