Can Flax Seeds Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

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NutritionFacts .org
20 Oct 2020

Flaxseed consumption may play a role in preventing and treating breast cancer by blocking the inflammatory effects of interleukin-1.

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The first half of the video is basically just a review of all the flax and breast cancer work I’ve already cover:
• Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Prevention (
• Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Survival: Epidemiological Evidence (
• Flaxseeds & Breast Cancer Survival: Clinical Evidence (

Flaxseeds may also help fight hormone-mediated cancers in men. See Flaxseed vs. Prostate Cancer ( and Was It the Flaxseed, Fat Restriction, or Both? (

What else can these puppies do? See:
• Flaxseeds vs. Diabetes (
• Flax Seeds for Sensitive Skin (
• Flax Seeds for Breast Pain (

I have another 100+ videos ( on breast cancer if you want to become an expert and help take care of yourself and/or the women in your life. Here’s a few recent ones to get you started:
• Fiber vs. Breast Cancer (
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• Breast Cancer and Constipation (

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Image Credit: Justin Snow via Flickr.
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