Broccoli: Sprouts vs. Supplements

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NutritionFacts .org
23 Feb 2020

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DESCRIPTION: Broccoli sprouts are compared to "Broccomax" supplements.

Here's the link to the videos I mentioned:
• Broccoli Versus Breast Cancer Stem Cells (
• Biggest Nutrition Bang for Your Buck (
• Antioxidants Sprouting Up (

What's so great about broccoli sprouts? See:
• The Best Detox (
• Sulfurophane: From Broccoli to Breast (

They can be overdone, though. See: How Much Broccoli is Too Much? (

More on cruciferous and cancer here:
• Lung Cancer Metastases and Broccoli (
• Raw Broccoli and Bladder Cancer Survival (
• Breast Cancer Survival Vegetable (
• The Broccoli Receptor: Our First Line of Defense (

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Image Credit: David Carillet and Anton Starikov via 123RF.
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