Anti-Angiogenesis: Cutting Off Tumor Supply Lines

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29 Dec 2020

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DESCRIPTION: Cancer cells are commonly present in the body, but cannot grow into tumors without hooking up a blood supply. Angiogenesis inhibitors in plant foods may help prevent this from happening.

The cancer-promoting growth hormone IGF-1 is another angiogenic factor, helping tumors turn on the gravy train. This may be another reason plant-based diets protect against cancer, since as few as two weeks on a healthy diet can lower IGF-1 levels. See my series on the elegant experiments that discovered this:

• Ex Vivo Cancer Proliferation Bioassay (
• IGF-1 as One-Stop Cancer Shop (
• Cancer-Proofing Mutation (
• The Answer to the Pritikin Puzzle (
• How Plant-Based to Lower IGF-1? (

One way cancer turns on the tap is silencing certain tumor suppressor genes. How do you turn them back on? See, for example, Apple Skin: Peeling Back Cancer (

How else can strawberries smack on the cancer kibosh? See Strawberries versus Esophageal Cancer ( and Cancer Fighting Berries (

Because we all likely have cancer cells inside us, Cancer Prevention and Treatment May Be the Same Thing ( To die with cancer rather than from cancer, we need to slow down cancer doubling time. Check out one of my oldie-but-goodie video Slowing the Growth of Cancer (

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Image Credit: Jeff Kubina via flickr; Sun417, Evan-Amos, Amagill, and Igno2 via Wikimedia; and niusheng11.
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