Animalistic Plant Proteins

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30 Dec 2020

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DESCRIPTION: While animal proteins increase levels of the cancer-promoting growth hormone IGF-1, and most plant proteins bring levels down, "high quality" plant proteins such as soy may not significantly affect levels in either direction. This, however, may depend on the quantity consumed. See Monday's video Protein Intake & IGF-1 Production ( and yesterday's video-of-the-day Higher Quality May Mean Higher Risk ( for some immediate background and IGF-1 as One-Stop Cancer Shop ( for the reason we'd like to see these levels low in adulthood (though not in childhood—see Cancer-Proofing Mutation ( Is there a level of soy food consumption at which one might see IGF-1 levels comparable to those induced by animal protein? The title of tomorrow's video-of-the-day kind of gives it away: Too Much Soy May Neutralize Benefits (

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Image Credit: Inkwina via Wikimedia Commons and jazzijava.
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