About Goji Man

Hi i'm Goji Man.

I am currently studying for an MSc in Food, Nutrition & Health.

I have always been interested in nutrition, but this interest grew exponentially after I lost both parents and a sister to chronic diseases.
In the aftermath of these loses, I started thinking what can I do to prevent these diseases happening to me? Is it genetic? Does food matter? What is healthy food? Is illness my destiny?

These questions slowly turned into an obsession. I have literally spent the last 5 years of my life reading every nutritional publication known to man. And the more I read, the more I couldn’t believe my eyes. The science is clear, heart disease can be prevented and reversed with diet. The same applies to diabetes, cancers, arthritis and many, many other conditions.

Over the last 2 years my Instagram channel has grown to nearly 60,000 followers. Now i'm coming to YouTube to turn the world vegan!

Much love

Goji Man

United Kingdom