About Ela Vegan

Hello, and welcome to my YouTube account "Ela Vegan". My name is Michaela, but most people call me Ela. I am a recipe creator, food photographer, and article writer. I share easy vegan and gluten-free recipes on my blog https://elavegan.com ❤️

You can also find me on Instagram @elavegan

I love to spend time in nature (especially on the beach) and I have a big heart for animals. I stopped eating meat when I was 6 years old and became a vegan in September 2011.

Going vegan was the best decision in my life. Knowing that I don’t participate in the torture and exploitation of farm animals brought inner peace to myself. I feel much more energized since eating plant-based food, I lost some weight and I cured my cystic acne!

“Eating plants is not a sacrifice, it’s a pleasure and a conscious choice to honor your body, mind and soul” by @elavegan